Semester Project: NANNY

August 10, 2011


Semester: Fall of 2007 Authors: Anders Tornvig, Andreas Møgelsmose, Andri Óskarsson, Mads Høgsgaard, Henrik Holbaek

The project idea was to help schools and other institutions deal with social networks. The idea came up when a certain 'network advisor' was busted in Denmark for seducing young children online.

The system was our first project and our first experience with the programming language C. It made use of libpcap, regular expressions and basically 'sniffed' the network for any traffic intended for specific pages, matches certain (configurable) keywords and notified if any of these triggers were triggered. A good example would be an elementary school where the teacher would want to be notified of all 'person-to-person' messages sent by their students that include the words 'sexy' or 'meet'.