Migrating to Astro

Jul 2, 2022


This site was originally built with Gatsby site in 2019 and I used it to teach myself Gatsby, React, GraphQL and Tailwind. Gatsby was a natural fit, because I was excited about both GraphQL and React at the time.

I’ve been considering migrating the site to either Next.js or Remix, but after playing around for a while I settled on Astro.

What the hell is Astro?

Astro is a static site generator (and SSR) that isn’t stuck to a single framework. It supports most of them out of the box. The spoke to me, because I have a bunch of older React components that I wanted to reuse.

What’s in the box?


Since I first created the site, I’ve learned TypeScript, so everything is now strictly typed.


The page parses a JSON resume a creates the technology summary on the homepage, but also my cv. The enables the lazy dev that I am to update both my CV and homepage in one go.

The CV is rendered as an Astro page, as part of the build process, instead of as a post-build hook on the old site.

Social Cards

A site in 2022 isn’t complete without being able to see a pretty preview when sharing on the larger networks.