What I'm doing now

Inspired by Derek Sivers' now page .

Reading again!

I'm reading the Expanse series and am currently on book 4. I love the universe the have created, but I must admit, that watching the series has somewhat lessened by interest in the books. I will reach the end of the TV series soon, so all is well.

Programming, for fun

I have a few pet-projects that I'm working on. Mostly for learning purposes, but it would sure be fun to spawn a business at some point.


Currently I'm learning about Remix, Angular and I learn something new about TypeScript every day.

My son keeps growing

Our little half-Icelandic, half-Dane, all Viking is growing up so fast. He's soon to be 8 years old dreams about gaming and YouTube streams about gaming.

Engaged, but not in a hurry

Me and my girlfriend got engaged. I proposed during a hide-and-seek game with our son. I was going for: "rememberable, but silly". I think I nailed it. No date set yet.


Last updated: 2022-06-12