What I'm doing now

Reading again!

Currently churning through The Dresden Files series (book 8 atm). I love these books. They mix together fantasy, old school investigative stories and a the Bruce Willis of wizards. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Programming, for fun

I have a few pet-projects that I'm working on. Mostly for learning purposes, but it would sure be fun to spawn a business at some point.


I'm reading and experimenting with event-sourcing, cqrs and domain-driven-design on the backend and on the frontend I'm playing with Tailwind CSS.

My son keeps growing

Our little half-Icelandic, half-Dane, all Viking son keeps us entertained and challanged at home. He's soon to be 7 years old and his little head is filled with questions that I hope Wikipedia can help answer. We've started doing physics experiments together.


He's already very interested in computers of all sizes, but I dare not push it on him. He'll get there if and when he wants to.

Engaged, but not in a hurry

Me and my girlfriend got engaged. I proposed during a hide-and-seek game with our son. I was going for: "rememberable, but silly". I think I nailed it. No date set yet.

[Last updated: 2021-04-24]